Friday, 25 July 2014

BABA Elaichi- Real Mouth freshner

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I am working as a sales Manager for a reputed company and my work involves a lot of traveling. I was aware of BABA Elaichi but had never tasted it. I them came to know about a blog program initiated by BABA Elaichi. I got a sample pack of BABA Elaichi and then tasted it for the first time. It tasted great and left an everlasting impression on my taste buds.

BABA Elaichi is 100% natural mouth freshener which assures long lasting refreshment. The cardamom seeds are blended with saffron and flavored with a pure silver coating. It has a super strong natural taste and exotic aroma which one can even feel in an empty packet.


I have mentioned below my experience which I had after having BABA Silver coated Elaichi seeds for the first time

(1) Taste : BABA Elaichi has pure & natural ingredients commonly found in Indian Kitchen. It also offers the most authentic flavor with perfect finishing consisting of natural cardamom with a long lasting feeling of freshness. It is better than chewing Tobacco and It is very effective for those who travel a lot. It is also convenient to carry as a mouth freshner and anyone can have it anytime & anywhere. The taste is really natural and this great product has no side effects as it contains only natural ingredients. It has very aromatic and exotic smell & It is good for those who are chain smokers but love to chew chewing gum. It is so effective that it eliminates all bad breath even after smoking. It converts your bad mood to good mood and moreover the taste is so great that it leaves you with a feeling of consuming real and soft Silver pearls in mouth.

(2)Mouth Freshning Capacity: Elachi is Indian traditional digestive and mouth freshener. The best thing that I found in BABA Elaichi is that it not only freshens up my mouth but also boosts digestion.The taste is quite good, refreshing and long lasting. It works in seconds and keeps my breath fresh for hours. I can feel freshness for hours without bad breath. It has refined taste and exotic aroma.One can feel the strong aroma by just opening the pack of BABA Elaichi and can see the expressions on others faces.It is truly irresistible!!!!

(3)Quantity in the box: The Quantity is appropriate according to the price as it contains all high quality product with all natural and expensive ingredients like saffron,best Quality cardamom seeds and moreover pure silver coating.It is available from Rs -1-  for 0.17 gms-Rs 65 for 5g. and Rs. 120.00 for 10 Gram.Everybody can afford it as per requirement.

(4) Reviews: I offered it to my family,my parents and kids just loved it.Earlier we used to take colored saunf after meal but now everybody loves to have it as it is good for digestion. My kids just love the smell,they keep on opening the box again and again to smell as well as the fresh aroma. I also offered it to my colleagues as most of them are chain smokers and have the habit of chewing the chewing gum to eliminate the bad mouth smell but now they love to have the small pouches of Baba Elaichi which they can get from anywhere and it is so convenient to carry.
 Also one can swallow seeds of BABA Elachi so no requirement of spitting it here and there as one has to do with chewing Gum or Pan Masala. Overall everybody is happy with this product & I am sure anyone who has it once will surely recommend it to others as well. It is pure and contains no chemical so it safe for kids as well. It also contains no added sugar so my father can take it anytime without thinking twice despite the fact that he is diabetic.

Packaging: Packaging is Simpy superb. The packaging is in dark vibrant Red color and It comes in "CLICK - CLACK " pack to maintain its freshness. Its really easy to open & close it and its a completely new locking concept. I have never experienced this concept earlier & this helps to keep BABA Elachi as fresh as ever!!!


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