Monday, 21 July 2014

Zest up your life-1

Every body can do cool things but there are few things in my list which I really wanted to fulfill 

(1) Power boating: Power boating is different from rafting.It is ultimate in aquatic adventures.It is just awesome experience when you to drive your own boat and driving fast makes it even more fun The jumps/bounces will make you wonder whether you're sailing or flying,But yes it is the most dangerous and adventurous task which I wanted to feel and want to be a daredevil.

 (2)Zorbing :Really I also wish to do the same.I want to feel like a kid by doing so it is again an great experience although it seems ridiculous but still wanted to do it once.

(3) Hot Air Ballooning : It's one of the oldest, and finest, ways to see the world but quite crazy.By doing so I wanted to capture few shots of regions,villages,nature. 

(4) World's longest cable car ride- Till now I have taken a lot of rides on cable cars, gandola but those were of few minutes.I really want to take the longest cable car ride as long as possible to that being a nature lover I can capture scenic beauty in my camera

(5) Water Slide : I want to take tallest, fastest, steepest water slide of the world.It will be unique experience for me where I can experience a feeling of weightlessness where I am just going down in the very fast speed.I can consider it as an adventurous activity as I have never done it in my life

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