Monday, 21 July 2014

Zest Experience -2

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One should have Zest in life.It is style to live and it is also a virtue of life otherwise life is meaningless without Zest.Zest have various shades like some use zest in cooking,some use Zest in driving or any other adventurous activity where one needs a lot of creativity,enthusiasm,courage and zeal to achieve planned target.My list also includes a lot of variety of activities which surely requires zest and which automatically give you a sense of accomplishment.

(1) Visit all museums ---I wanted to visit all the museums of the World as I love antiques and I can explore Overall Quantity of the Antiquities and can explore all mind blowing Ancient collection.

(2)Stay at hostel--- Although I have completed my education,but I have a zeal to spend few moments of my life in the Hostel.First time in a hostel can be quite a daunting experience but
it is fun to stay in Hostel where you are under strict rules,strict diet and strict routine.Few times I feel I am careless so just wanted to check my ratio of carelessness by spending few days in Hostel.

(3) Yak skiing---I went to Manali thrice but never experienced Yak Skiing.It is an extreme sport.Which I will definitely going to experience next time. It is quite great activity.

(4) Want to spend one whole day as Soldier-- I want to spend whole Day and wanted to discover my physical and mental strength and learn what it takes to become a Soldier,their daily life,what they eat,whee they sleep. By doing so I also want to experience my risk taking capability.

(5)Go to Mars--- I want to spend my few days at Mars....which is very craziest task.I really want to spend few hours there lonely alone on the big Planet .Can you imagine how it would feel to have such a beautiful situation.

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